Are You Eating Organic? Or Should You Go Beyond Organic?

What does it mean to live beyond organic?

Who decides what is healthy? What is the standard? Who should we trust?

What does Organic mean?

What does Beyond Organic mean?

When it comes to eating healthy highlighting your wellness is very important to our health.

Organic does not always = healthy.
This has cause huge amount of confusion.
Nowadays, you see everything has the word “organic” written on it, just as in the past and still in the present you see the word, “natural.”
According to the FDA – their definition of “natural”…
Natural foods are processed without preservatives or additives, but may have been grown with the use of pesticides or other conventional methods. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulates the term ‘natural’ only as it applies to added color, synthetic substances, and flavors.

The term ‘natural’ can include free-range and hormone-free, and it can mean that a product contains no synthetic ingredients or color additives.

IGNORE THESE LABELS – They are just there to incite you to get you to buy their products — this is BIG COMPANIES’ ultimate goal and will do anything.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not regulate claims of “all natural” or “natural vs organic”. They might claim to, but in reality, they don’t. Food companies can get away with using all sorts of non-natural processes and chemical ingredients in a food product that they claim are all natural.

Now they are doing the same thing with organic, how about other organic products that are turning up that don’t appear to have any health benefits?

You go to the supermarket and there is organic sugar, organic process oils, organic white flour, organic cookies and the list goes on and on. Like I said organic does not always equal healthy.

Organic is a good and necessary first step in the journey but you got to start with a good and healthy food first.

USDA Organic standards can be limiting and potentially misleading consumers especially if they think organic is the ultimate standard for what is healthy.

Consumers are misled, mis-advised, mis-educated, misinformed, misguided, mis-communicated, mis-conceived misdirected – well you get the idea – the American people have fail to notice what the food industry is doing to them. We need to wake up and SEEK THE TRUTH and see what the world is becoming.

Beyond Organic Standards

Living beyond organic is not only what you eat but also how you think and live.
Does this mean there aren’t genuinely natural organic products available in the marketplace today?
There are, but NOT by the big brand-name food companies. A few smaller, niche-market companies are offering real food these days, but you have to search them out.
We don’t want to invalidate USDA Organic standards but increase the level of awareness and knowledge of health and wellness.
Why “investing in your health” might be the best way for you to “outsmart” the market and that is why investing beyond organic is so important.
Many of us believe it’s healthier to eat organic food and that we benefit from using organic products.
Any time we eat or drink something our body absorbs all the good and the bad things that are found in these products.
There are many benefits in choosing to buy organic products. Any product we purchase that contains a good % of organic ingredients goes above and beyond what is healthy for us, but it’s very important to make sure that our purchases are truly organic.
Unfortunately, some companies take advantage of our interest in being more natural and add only tiny amounts of an organic ingredient to their product.

When we are properly educated we make better alternatives and we can feel like we are making a better choice when we opt to buy beyond organic.

Learn to go Beyond Organic.

Lila is the author of Live the Organic Life Website and is known for her experience and knowledge with many organic and pure products on the market. The website is viewed by over 180,000 viewers.

“Your Health is your Greatest Asset”

Live the Organic Life

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