Clean Your Body in 3 Easy Ways in a Week

Spring is very much happening now and we’re approaching summer. Sunshine is reminding us about all nature’s beautifulness and power to change. Unless you’re super healthy during winter months, exercise everyday and drink green juices, have no sugar cravings, don’t drink alcohol and love everything about yourself, don’t read this article and perhaps go and make another smoothie.

But I believe everyone needs a little (or big) change with the power of our Mother Nature. When the plants are awaking from the winter dormancy, the new energy is in the air. The plants, in some mystic way, know when to start popping up and growing and be ready for blooming just in time for bees and butterflies. Let us “steal” a bit of this mystic energy and feel wonderful. The Spring clean is the time when our winter bodies need some fresh air, vitamin D from the Sun and blood vein rush. As we’re currently halfway through the Spring and the Summer is what we’ll be seeing soon, we need to catch this energy quickly and be sure to be fully charged for the summer time. It’s time to detox, gain new strength and feel marvelous.

Here are 3 quick fix (or long time life arrangements if you like them) steps to follow. You’ll feel totally different in just a week.

Number 1 – GIVE IT UP – Most of us have some bad habits: sugar, smoking, drinking alcohol, junk food, eating after 8pm (unless you live in Spain and have your siesta in the middle of your day, that might not be considered as a bad habit). Set yourself a challenge to abandon as many addictions as possible for a week and see how you’re doing. There is a huge chance that the following week will be “sin free” too. Of course giving up one thing is the easiest when it’s replaced by something else and in this case we’d need to put in this place something good for ourselves. Keep reading the following steps and you’ll find out what replacement is the best for you.

Goal number 1 – choose what you’re giving up, write it down, announce it and be positive about it!

Number 2 – KEEP MOVING – Ideally, we should be doing at least 30 minutes of high impact (when your heart rate is faster) exercises daily. Some of us do, some don’t, some do them only sometimes. Whatever your routine (or lack of it) is, let’s get the most of it. As I mentioned above, our body needs reimbursement. After giving up bad habits we shall pick up a good ones. It’s a time to sign up for fitness classes, buy a gym membership or start jogging around the park. The life transformation coaches say that the best motivation to keep it happening is to pre-pay for your classes and if you do so, you won’t be wanting to waste your money and you’ll actually attend your classes.

Goal number 2 – choose what activity (or activities) you’ll be doing in the next few weeks!

Number 3 – WATCH YOUR PLATE – Of course the type of food we’re eating is contributing to our health. As in step 1 we’ve eliminated junk food from our diet, we need to focus on what to actually eat to benefit from it. Some foods have higher value than others and can provide our body with even more nutrients. Most of us, without knowing, may have an inflammation in some parts of our body. It might be a leaky gut syndrome, candida, hormone imbalance, IBS or silent food allergies. A week is not enough to do a food elimination testing, but perhaps it might be worth doing specific blood tests to find out which food to avoid to be sure that our detox is done accurately and accordingly to our body needs. I’d suggest making a breakdown list which includes foods that might be causing a digestive issues. Obviously, if you know already that you’re allergic to peanuts that’s good, but by bypassing most allergens for at least a week will benefit your body and may help you decide to abstain from them for longer.

The worst enemies are:

Gluten (wheat, barley, rye) – but gluten is not only in the obvious products like flours, breads and cakes; it might be hidden in less evident places like sauces, broth stocks and cereals so the best way is to always read the list of ingredients.

Dairy – when we were kids parents were telling us “drink milk for healthy bones” and the truth is that dairy products do contain some amount of calcium, but studies have proven that some dark leafy vegetables and legumes contain even more calcium than milk. In addition the bad news is, apart from an adult human body not digesting casein and many people are lactose intolerant without knowing it. Also most of U.S. cows are given hormones and antibiotics and live in unhealthy conditions. Also their food is based on GMO soy and corn, which is why milk products, especially in U.S. are considered a junk food. I’d strongly suggest either stop eating dairy at all and replace it with plant based products. Or, if you’re allergic to legumes, at least buy organic milk, kefir and cheese.

Sugar – food technologists say that refined sugar is the most addictive substance for human body. When we eat foods that contain a lot of sugar, a massive amount of dopamine is released into brain and we get a feeling of being “high”. In addition, consuming refined sugar encourages a growth of bad bacteria in your guts and that causes inflammations, aggravations and imbalances the immune system. It’s very important to avoid white and refined sugar totally, but if you really need to have some sweetness, go for stevia, xylitol, honey or a fruit.

Goal number 3 – make a list of food you won’t be consuming for (at least) a week and focus on the ones that actually help your body to detox and which brings valuable minerals to your system. Find healthy recipes using gluten-free and sugar-free keywords.

To go ahead with your Goal number 3, after you eliminate certain food and produce, you may wish to consider few changes in your eating habits. There are recommendations to drink at least one green juice or smoothie a day. It’s also good to have at least two meat free meals a week (and of course make sure if you do eat meat, that it’s free range and/or grass-fed and/or organic). A big bowl of raw homemade salad a day is a must for anyone who wants to rejuvenate their body and feel that summer power of plants.

After a week you’ll feel fresh and ready for that bikini time. Don’t ruin it by jumping into junk food train again, but instead mindfully look at your achievement and make a decision of what you really want.

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