Dealing With a Genital Herpes Infection – Some medication and natural Cures for Herpes

Herpes is an infectious ailment that can spread via skin contact. The STD or Sexually Transmitted Disease called genital herpes originates from herpes simplex virus (HSV). It affects not only the genitals but the cervix and the body. Unfortunately, herpes is a long-term condition. It is usually not detected since people who are infected do not often have any symptoms in their body.  The symptoms are usually identified by swelling found in the genitals as well as sores around the mouth area. Symptoms appear about 4 to 7 after contacting the virus. But, most people don’t show the signs even after years or months after getting infected by herpes.

Medicines or the natural cures for herpes which are available can treat symptoms of herpes without killing the virus. However, Alternative medicine such as medical plants has great antiviral properties that can be very effective in treating the herpes outbreak. Their active ingredients are planted primary metabolites such as protein and amylase and secondary metabolites such as alkaloid, phenols, and terpene.

This virus is an easily transmissible disease and is spread by direct contact. It typically spreads by oral sex, vaginal or anal penetration. Since symptoms do not become visible immediately, infected victims usually don’t know they have herpes.

Medication Treatment for Herpes Disease

Medical experts recognize the fact there are no cures for herpes because the virus does not leave the body of the patient. In fact, when the herpes virus infects the body, they hibernate within the system. Nevertheless, the lists provided below are proven to help in the healing process.

This can be treated using a variety of medications, including topical treatment, antiviral pills, and vitamin treatment. Experts frequently suggest antiviral medication for herpes. The commonly prescribed herpes medications are Famciclovir, acyclovir, and Valacyclovir. They usually consumed orally, depending on the severity of the patient’s condition. They are also available in topical creams that can be placed to avoid rashes or sores.

Antiviral medications are indicated to attack any viral infections. They cure particular viruses and dissimilar to antibiotics, and they successfully slow the pathogen’s development instead of destroying it. Herpes medication is an antiviral since the disease is an infection.

There are three types of treatments used to cure herpes virus. How much as well as how long an infected person takes these antiviral meds depends on the person’s given therapy. The first form of treatment is the suppressive type, and this is done to decrease the occurrence of outbreaks. Herpes’ severity is decreased and so is viral shedding, hence lessening transmission to another people. This therapy is suggested for people with incredibly relentless as well as recurrent outbreaks. The downside is its high price along with some undesirable consequences.

Natural Treatment for Herpes Disease

After receiving the right prescription as well as treatment from your doctor, you can buy the medication from a reputable online pharmacy. Always refer to a well-known online review website before buying your drugs. These user reviews prevent you from getting scammed.

Aloe: Aloe Vera appears to reduce not only the intensity of the symptoms but also facilitates the healing process. It has also been used to treat skin infections, burns, wounds, and other skin problems for centuries now. In the case of herpes outbreaks, topical medications with Aloe Vera extracts have been proven to help soothe pain and heal blisters.

Aloe Vera is safe to consume and also very easy to prepare. Just stir the Aloe Vera for several minutes to ensure that it is sufficiently dissolved into the juice. It dramatically helps soothe the sores and is particularly useful in healing the leftover scabs.

Lemon: Lemon Balm Extract has also proved to be a success in controlling outbreaks. Studies show creams containing lemon balm sped healing of herpes sores by a level of improvement compared to that provided by prescription drugs (including Valtrex) commonly used to treat herpes. The cream or salve can be made at home using lemon balm essential oil, or purchased at health food stores. Alternatively, a few drops of lemon balm essential oil can be added to a basic cold cream and use in the same way. It has been used as an alternative when common prescription medications have failed.Tea: Tea tree oil is a natural antiseptic and anti-bacterial that can effectively act as the natural cures for herpes. Spread a generous amount of oil on the desired area but make sure that you do not overdo it.

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