Hemorrhoids Natural and medical Treatment – The Best Way to Treat Hemorrhoids

Although hemorrhoids may be an embarrassing disease, they are a common problem that many people deal with. Often they develop as a result of straining when having a bowel movement and extra pressure on the veins because of excess weight or pregnancy can cause hemorrhoids to occur. The great news is that there are some useful treatment options available today. While in many cases, you can make some modifications to your lifestyle to alleviate this problem, in some cases, you may need a natural and medical treatment or medication to deal with this problem. If you are looking for hemorrhoids treatment that will help you get the relief you need, here are several medical and natural treatment options available to you.

Hemorrhoid causes a lot of pain and discomfort for the sufferer. However, now it is possible to get relief from this problem by using simple hemorrhoids natural and medical treatment.

Natural Treatment

Before discussing prevention of hemorrhoids, we will discuss some ways to treat them naturally. The best solution to hemorrhoids is cold. An ice compress or cold bath reduces inflammation and pain simultaneously. For the times when you cannot just sit still or are not at home, however, some remedies can be applied much like over the counter creams, but without the chemicals or the mess.

An excellent option is a mixture of equal parts almond and geranium oil. This mixture, applied to the area, kills germs and allows stool to pass without using more pressure, reducing the pain associated with bowel movements. Applying witch hazel or capsaicin to the city will provide instant pain relief while also decreasing inflammation, and blood flow in the area. This also reduces bleeding associated with hemorrhoids.

With hemorrhoids, natural treatment is also useful in providing prevention. Simple dietary changes, when rigidly adhered to, can prevent almost all hemorrhoids. If changing your diet away from foods that are hard on the digestive system is not possible, there are changes you can make to help your body digest better. Adding fiber to the diet, either through foods or supplements, keeps digestion regular or reduces blockages. Increased water intake also helps digestion run more smoothly. Adding extra vitamin C strengthens blood vessels, greatly reducing the chances of hemorrhoids.

These simple solutions can treat and prevent hemorrhoids. For hemorrhoids, natural treatment offers the only permanent solution. These simple answers can provide lasting relief.

Medical Treatment

If you have hemorrhoids that are on the mild side, there are several medications out there that may help. Your doctor may recommend that you use one of the over the counter hemorrhoids treatment options available. These treatments come in ointments, pads, suppositories, and creams. Hydrocortisone and witch hazel are examples of active ingredients. These medications can help to relieve the itching and pain that you are experiencing. Of course, it’s best to use these medications for no longer than a week unless your doctor directs you otherwise.

Simple Medical Procedures: There are a variety of simple medical procedures that are minimally invasive that can be used to help treat your problem with hemorrhoids as well. If you have persistent pain or bleeding, your doctor may recommend one of these procedures to you. Your doctor can do most of them in the office or as an outpatient procedure. Injection is one option, which involves a chemical solution being injected into the tissue to help shrink the tissue. Rubber band ligation is another simple option where rubber bands are used to cut off the circulation to hemorrhoid so it will fall off. Coagulation uses infrared or laser to harden and then shrivel up hemorrhoid.

Surgical Procedures: If the more simple treatments have no proven effective for you or you are dealing with hemorrhoids that are quite large, you may need to be treated with a surgical procedure. In some cases, these surgical procedures may be outpatient, but with some, you may need to stay overnight in the hospital. One option is stapling, which staples off the area to block the blood flow into hemorrhoid. The other surgical option is a Hemorrhoidectomy, which is done to remove the tissue that is causing the bleeding to occur.

These are the medical hemorrhoids treatment options that are available to you. If you get no relief from simple home remedies or lifestyle changes, then one of these treatments may be able to help treat your hemorrhoids effectively.

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