How to Save Your Teenage Child From Substance Abuse

According to an annual National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH) by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), the following facts about teenage addiction have come up, apart from some other startling revelations:

  1. The use of drugs in most people starts in their teenage and later becomes an addiction
  2. The use of drugs is highest among people who are in their late teens and twenties
  3. More than 50 percent users of new illicit drugs begin with marijuana
  4. The next in line and most common abuse of drugs after marijuana are prescription pain relievers, followed by inhalants which is rampant among younger teens

Looking at the propensity of teens taking to drugs and alcohol, it is not difficult to assume that they have an easy access to these substances. It is, in fact, easier than you think. Teens are dubious of being innovative and they can surreptitiously get things done under your nose.

How do they get access to drugs and other substances is a very pertinent question. If you have a teenaged child at home, it is utmost important that you research extensively about these places and keep a tab. It is always better to be cautious before a child gets hooked on drugs and other illicit prescription medicines.

Places and resources

The most common place for a teenager to procure drugs is always closer to school or the campus itself. Reports suggest that in most cases it is a peer who supplies drugs to students in a school. Most often, the washrooms are transaction hotbeds. So, authorities also have a responsibility to keep a close watch and sanitize these areas periodically in the school.

One has to be circumspect of hoodlums loitering outside the school premises. As they have no businesses frequenting school areas, it is most likely they would be selling drugs to students. Students who befriend such dealers also bring drugs to school and others can buy it easily from them.

Role of parents

As parents it is very important to understand why teens abuse drugs or get hooked on drugs and alcohol. A teenager may be lured into drugs and other substance abuse due to several reasons associated with growing up and changes in the body and psyche of an adolescent. You as a parent should understand all these and be prepared to prevent your child from addiction of any kind.

Shower your love and compassion and always stay closer to your teenaged child. By doing this, you will be in the know whether your child has strayed and stepped into this muck of substance abuse. Most teens get into addiction as they are bored and want to add a zing to their lives. Others do it to be in vogue and impress peers. They have several other frivolous excuses to abuse drugs, which you as a parent should be able to thwart.

Constant monitoring and being friendly with your teenager child will give a fair idea of places they may use to hide the drugs. Discovering that your child has just started abusing drugs would be the first step towards helping him or her come out of its grip. The bottom line is – always be on the vigil to discover if your teenaged child is abusing drugs or other addictive substances.

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