Green tea assists to prevent type 1 diabetes. Type 1 diabetes splits blood glucose, and does not produce the insulin. Green tea in the diabetic diet perhaps is a good option. Research with animal explains it really prevents the type 1 diabetes. The result of a study appeared in Biomed Central website; it is not only helpful for prevention of type 1 diabetes, helping prevent the development of type 2 diabetes.

Green tea controls the postprandial hyperglycemia and reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes. In this study, the researchers added that green tea promotes glucose metabolism in healthy human and manufactures an anti-hyperglycemic effect in diabetic mice. Moreover, the researchers analyzed the serum protein profiles of db+/db+ and +m/+m mice for the first time, using SELDI-TOF-MS.

They also examined associated effects of oral green herbal tea administration on serum proteins. Several proteins were utilized in diabetic mice to lower the serum. The protein, 4211(4212) Da was significantly reduced after green herbal tea administered. This is the first report demonstration; a specified serum is attached with the anti-hyperglycemic effect of green herbal tea. The health benefit of green tea of diabetes and for the prevention of diabetes is spotted in a component of green herbal tea. The component of green herbal tea is EGCG. One of the basic benefits of green tea is to help diabetics split glucose and lower the glucose levels. It happens because of EGCG component.

Hence, the benefits of green tea in diabetes can be comparable with other beverages. The University of Massachusetts Amherst studied the effects of tea and wine with type 2 diabetes in 2008. Alpha-glucosidase, the enzyme was discovered in these beverages, and glucose is absorbed slowly from digestive tract in the body. Shetty, the food scientist added that the blood sugar level or blood glucose rise sharply in type 2 diabetes after the meal. Red wine and tea contain natural anti-oxidants, delaying the glucose movement into the passage and moving through the small digestive track or intestine. Ultimately, this glucose through small intestine goes into the blood stream and helps prevent diabetes.

Japan and Taiwanese researchers jointly conducted a study in 2004 on green herbal tea and diabetes relating to promotion of Glucose Metabolism. They conclude that green herbal tea is anti-diabetic in human and mice. There are 22 healthy adults in the study. They took green Tea that made of 1.5 grams of powder, and they took hot water. Before taken the beverage, the blood glucose levels were measured. After 120 minutes it found that for green tea, the glucose level was 120 mg/ dl, and BGL was 100 mg/dl for hot water respectively. The other part of this study is that green herbal tea inclined to lower the blood glucose levels (BGL) at 150 mg/ kg, and importantly reduced BGL 300 mg/kg.

Further, researchers revealed the fact the Japanese eating habit combining with green tea helps prevent the type 2 diabetes. Tea contains caffeine; consult your physician for a tea program.

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