The Alluring Health Benefits of Yoga

Yoga, as we know it, originated from India. It is a discipline that involves the mental, physical, and spiritual aspects of ourselves. But do we have an idea on what are the health benefits of this ancient art of spiritual science? Everyone wants to be healthy, and anyone who practices Yoga has a great advantage.

Yoga bolsters your muscle strength. Thus, your posture and sense of balance will develop. You won’t be slouchy, but rather flexible. That toe that you are dying to touch before is just one bend away after your first Yoga session. Arthritis will have a hard time conquering your body as your joints and cartilage were moved successively.

It does not only strengthen your muscles, but also solidifies your bone structure. Your spinal disks will benefit by your stretching. The bones in your extremities are toughening as it is used during balancing and lifting of your own weight. In this case, Osteoporosis will be kept at bay.

More than your muscles and bones, the benefits of Yoga go deep even into your blood streams. By proper breathing, relaxation, and twisting of limbs, your blood flow will increase. Aside from that, freshly oxygenated blood is also supplied to your organs each time you twist your body. Afterwards, it will pump back from your heart to your lungs so your blood will be refreshed.

Cardiovascular health is important, and though Yoga is not that intense to pump up your heart to an athlete’s degree, it can surely bring you near there. There are different types of Yoga and not all are intense, but even the most conventional forms still tends to help boost your heart rate. And higher heart rate means lower risk from heart attacks, now how good is that?

Weight loss is also one of the most wanted benefits of Yoga. In our age where people are mostly obese, weight loss programs are being pursued, but Yoga has been there for ages. By constant body movement you burn excess calories. Also by being focused and relaxed, you will be conscious in your diet. This will lead to an overall weight loss.

Relaxation is one of the benefits of Yoga that the hyperactive people want to experience. Cortisol levels are lowered. A lowered cortisol level means that your blood sugar will also decrease. Thus, your chances to have the dreaded Diabetes will also decrease.

The relaxed system will not only remain as you are awake. Maintaining such solitude throughout the day will also help you sleep deeper every night as it released the tensions from your body during a Yoga session.

Digestive problems are checked, you will breathe more conveniently and your immune system will be good as ever, giving you a solid and flexible body with high immunity from diseases.

With all these, your peace of mind will increase and self-esteem heightens. Depression will be subdued and creates happiness, eliminating the pains from your ailing physical problems.

As you continue this process of having a Yoga session, you will be more aware of your regular fitness. A new mindset in health will be established. Have you found a Yoga studio in your area? Start finding one today and revive that dormant energy of yours. Transform yourself now and be amazed to see these health benefits unfold in real time.

Are you waiting for that another sign to start a Yoga session? Or are you ready to look beyond from what is present today to what will you become tomorrow?

I am Bryan and I enjoy writing on my free time and I currently contribute articles at About Cagayan de Oro which is a site where tourists can get good information if they are planning to visit the said city which is located in the Philippines. I also wrote an article there about a Yoga studio which you might be interested in if you want to try Yoga.

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Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

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