The Biggest Scam in The Health & Wellness Industry

After receiving countless emails claiming that the products we promote are scams and our vision for a healthy lifestyle is bogus, it urged me to write this to clear things up once and for all!

I’m about to reveal to you the biggest scam facing the health & wellness industry right now.  This ‘scam’ has been around for almost 100 years and people are falling for it every single day. I would say there is a very high chance that you have already fallen for this ‘scam’ and I myself have fallen for it too…

Do you have any ideas on what it might be?

It’s not the Atkins, Hamptons, Dukan, McDougall, Bulletproof or the alkaline diet. It’s not detoxing, it’s not ‘eating clean.’ It’s not intermittent fasting, gluten-free or just eating rice and beans.

Figured it out yet? I’ll reveal it to you…

The biggest scam in the health and wellness industry is: Fast Food.

When sitting at home watching commercials what do we see? I bet 90% of all those commercials are pushing things that are bad for your health.

We need to take some time to reflect on how we make decisions for ourselves. Why is it that we are so accepting of things that we subconsciously know is bad for us? As soon as someone promotes a new diet, a supplement, a health program or even just simple advice that could possibly better ourselves and better our lives, we are quick to judge.

I find it fascinating that we have no problem dropping $25 on a large burger combo meal, complete with large fries, supersized soda drinks that are so much filled with fat, salt and sugar, it overwhelms our senses and brains with pleasure, almost as if it is “tricking” us into wanting more. Isn’t that what a scam is? A trick?

I do not speak as an expert with credentials, but I speak as someone who is an expert in researching and finding the best solutions on the market. I was reading an excerpt from a National Geographic magazine and they discovered that high amounts of sugar is the number one culprit of obesity and health problems.1

Where is the outrage? Why are the big sugar pushing soda companies still making billions?

Just like a magician, they want the audience to focus on every detail that doesn’t matter. We are too focused on how good it tastes and how easily accessible it is which masks us from all the negatives hidden behind the metaphorical curtain.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with enjoying ourselves once in a while. I would be a liar if I said I’ve never eaten a hamburger or drank a soda at a BBQ, but we need to realize that our actions have long term consequences.

If someone has been trying to reach their health & weight goals for several years, putting in extreme amounts of hard work with no results, wondering why other people get results from fad diets and not yourself, it is perfectly understandable to give up and head out for a burger to make that pain go away, and I can’t blame them at all. But at what price? Instant gratification for a moment in exchange for a lifetime of health problems and pain?

Based on the principle of enjoying ourselves, I realized something. If the primary reason we eat fast food is because it’s enjoyable, then why can’t we enjoy our diet plans which makes all the difference in our health and appearance? I spent months doing research, reading books, articles, and taking advice from qualified nutritionists and I have discovered a customized diet plan that will work for a vast majority of struggling people.

If you are still reading this post, I want to thank you for taking time out of your day to read about what has been bothering me, as well as many others. By now you are probably wondering “okay, what’s the catch, what are you selling?” I’ll get right to the point and tell you that I am promoting a program BUT… it is not mandatory to buy the product in order to reap the benefits of it.

The program I am referring to is the Custom Keto program. There are plenty of free recipes and information available on the internet and I encourage you to look into it and try it out for yourself. However, take into consideration that the primary reason people are not getting results they desire is because their diet is not accustomed to THEM.

The reason why people give up is because it takes too much time to gather all the information, put it into action, then attain results that are not significantly noticeable to others.

There is nothing wrong with taking the easy way out. If there was a diet plan that was enjoyable and easily accessible as fast food and willing to pay for it, I truly believe that Custom Keto is the closest thing to it.

Keto is quickly gaining popularity and is forecasted to reach market value of 12.35 billion USD by 2024.2

I’m not going to make a crazy claim and say that Keto will eliminate the fast food industry, but it has the potential to devastate it, deservingly so.

If you want to uncover the powerful diet and lifestyle change that has helped thousands of everyday people regain control over their health and life, follow this link to answer a quick opinion poll to see how people feel about customized diet plans!

Urgent Poll – Custom Keto



Photo by Oliver Sjöström from Pexels

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