Pollution, additives in the foods we eat and the air itself are all full of toxins that we breathe in day in and day out. They make us feel sluggish and tired and generally run us down. It’s no wonder then that many people are talking about detox treatments that supposedly rid our bodies of some of these toxins.

One of the most popular of the detox systems is the Ionic Foot Detox which is as simple as a foot bath but with results you won’t see in just regular water. You see, this system takes water, salt and a copper element or array and puts them all together with your feet to suck the toxins out.

These treatments can be found in spas, chiropractic offices and other healing centers and don’t have to be performed by a medical doctor. They are very un-invasive and, if you don’t believe they work, at least you get softer, fresher feet out of the deal.

You as the client put your feet into a bath of warm salty water and the array or element is placed in with your feet and then attached to the machine itself. Once the machine is on it first will charge the water positively and then negatively, effectively ionizing the water and splitting the water particles into H+ and OH ions.

Those ions then enter your body through the thousands of pores on the soles of our feet and travel the circulatory and lymphatic systems of the body. They neutralize oppositely charged ions that are connected to the toxins in each cell, and then the toxins leave the way the ions came in–through those pores in the feet.

For the first part of the treatment a client may see that the water is changing hue and turning a blue colour. There may also be foam and or flecks present. In the latter stages of the treatment however, the water will turn hues of orange, gold, brown or a combination of all three, there may also be black flecks present that have come off of the array itself during the treatment.

The ionic detox doesn’t hurt and can be safely done on anyone over the age of ten. Those with a pacemaker or a history of seizures shouldn’t use the system, but it’s otherwise perfectly safe for anyone else. Some of the benefits are pain relief, decreased swelling, and of course toxin reduction.

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